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AFM ’11: Ridiculously Titled ‘The Dead Undead’

From Opus Distribution comes the horribly titled The Dead Undead, Eddie Conna and Matt Anderson’s zombie flick starring Luke Goss, Josh Alba and Vernon Wells.

For decades a group of Vampires have been living peacefully in a small, remote town breeding on animal blood. All is well until several Vampires become infected by diseased blood. The infected become crazed, viscous killing machines called, “ZV’s”, or Zombie Vampires. With an insatiable thirst for flesh and blood they slaughter or infect anyone they come in contact with, human or Vampire. Led by Jack (Luke Goss), a small team of highly trained Vampire soldiers from throughout the ages set out to find and destroy the ZV’s before the infection spreads and their own existence becomes known.

Caught in the middle, a group of kids have checked into a motel, unaware that once night falls they will be fighting for their lives. Just as their fate is sealed the Vampire soldiers descend on the motel, but ammunition is running out and knives are not effective enough against the ZV’s. One by one everybody dies until only Jack and Summer (Cameron Goodman) remain. Trapped with a weakened Jack, Summer realizes that Jack must feed on human blood to awaken a long forgotten flood of power. But will it be enough to stop The Dead Undead?



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