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AFM ’11: In Space the ‘Moon’ is Always Full!

Announced at AFM by the Salt Company, Grabbers and Tormented director Jon Wright is heading to space with Steel Moon, a werewolves in space movie that has be cringing until I read the tagline: “In space the moon is always full.” Pure gold. Inside you’ll find the art, with the synopsis below.

High above the earth, the first orbital hotel is about to open. This 7-star boutique resort promises the ultimate in luxury and the best views in the universe. But things take a deadly turn when an ancient contagion is brought onboard and the small band of occupants find themselves in a desperate battle for survival as a werewolf stalks the moonlit corridors.

‘Steel Moon’ is a claustrophobic, stylish, and visceral horror movie in the vein of ‘Alien’ and ‘The Thing.’ The space hotel setting will provide a stunning visual backdrop to a traditional mythic tale of terror that catapults the earthbound werewolf legend into orbit – and beyond.” Andy Briggs, Eitan Arussi, Teresa de Pelegri & Dominic Harari all took a stab at the screenplay.



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