AFM '11: 'Skylab' Astronauts Stranded With Malevolent Alien - Bloody Disgusting
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AFM ’11: ‘Skylab’ Astronauts Stranded With Malevolent Alien



The Salt Company (Grabbers) also announced a second sci-fi-themed horror film set in space. Being directed by Coffin Rock‘s Rupert Glasson, Skylab‘s tagline teases: “NASA told them it was the Soviets…they were wrong.” It has a sort of Apollo 18 feel to it, but hopefully this guy is better.

‘Skylab’ is a taut, claustrophobic, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller in which three astronauts find themselves stranded 200 miles above the Earth and forced into a desperate fight to the death with a malevolent alien. Set onboard NASA’s eponymous space station the action takes place in the hours leading up to its famous crash landing in the Outback of Australia… …Set in 1978 Skylab begins as a classic paranoid Cold War thriller. The space station is due to be decommissioned and has been an empty vessel for over two years, left to its lonely orbit around the Earth. NASA is thrown into panic stations when motion sensors are unexpectedly activated on board. Convinced of Soviet involvement, there is a clear and present danger that the Russians may be using the space station as a means to deliver a nuclear payload into the heart of Washington D.C. Launching from a secret base in the Australian desert, NASA scrambles a hastily assembled and unprepared crew to ascertain what is going on up there.

But nothing could have equipped the crew for what they find. With the Skylab seemingly secure and with no sign of a breach, they are baffled by the sheer amount of debris surrounding the vessel. It’s not until a large chunk with the initials CCCP floats past that their suspicions are confirmed. The Soviets have indeed been there, and the debris is the remains of their ship…someone, or something, has literally torn it to pieces.


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