AMC Gets "Thunderstruck"! - Bloody Disgusting!

AMC Gets “Thunderstruck”!

AMC is the home to two of the greatest shows on television, “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad”. It’s also home to “The Walking Dead”. And on all three counts, their new penny pinching paradigm has caused various issues with talent and staff.

Now they’ve got “Thunderstruck” from the guys who brought you The Excorcism Of Emily Rose along with a former EP of “Battlestar Galactica”.

Per Deadline “Thunderstruck” is “ an hourlong UFO project from feature writing/directing duo Paul Boardman and Scott Derrickson and former Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick. Boardman and Derrickson will write the drama, about powerful and enigmatic entities that begin appearing all over the world. After one shows up in the town of Great Falls, Montana, the local citizens must grapple with the dramatic effects and growing mystery of repeated visitations. Boardman and Derrickson will executive produce Thunderstruck with Eick. Derrickson is set to direct.

Here’s hoping they can keep the lights on at all of their shows.