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Diablo Cody Feared Penning ‘The Evil Dead’ Reboot

An Oscar-winning writer tackling horror? That’s rare. Usually it’s the stars who free-fall into our genre after making a name for themselves (Halle Berry in Gothika and Hilary Swank in The Reaping, to name a few). But let’s not kid ourselves, WE know that stars should always be doing horror, no matter how big they get, which is probably why Diablo Cody stuck to her guns and took a stab at Ghost House Pictures’ retooling of The Evil Dead. Taking on a modern spin on Sam Raimi’s beloved 1981 film is dangerous, even Cody knew she was entering a cabin where she may never return from. I can’t help but to give her some props, especially because she didn’t have to do it (she can do anything she wants as an Oscar winner). Here’s what she told Collider:

I was nervous to take the job because I thought, Ugh, I’m gonna get shit for this. People are not gonna like this, because all people know of me is like Juno and they think I’m gonna pollute ‘Evil Dead’ with like wacky dialogue and cute stuff and folk music, and it’s like ‘No, look I understand what this is. I’m interested in storytelling here and making it scary and good and true to the original,’ ” she said.

Cody adds, “Because the director’s draft was really scary, I tried to stay away from some of the big horror set pieces. I didn’t wanna mess with his vision, because he’s the one who ultimately has to shoot it. That being said, there is a moment near the — I mean it’s unbelievably violent (laughs). Occasionally I threw in a wound here or there. I didn’t write anything extravagant.



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