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TV: [Next On] ‘Dexter’ and ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead

If we’re going to start covering previews for forthcoming episodes, we may as well tag it with something obvious and cool. [Next On] kicks off with a trio of clips from next Sunday’s “Dexter” which is about to kick things into high gear. It appears that episode 06.09 will team Dexter (Michael C. Hall) with Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) to hunt down the psychotic Professor James Gellar (Edward James Olmos) who sneakily escaped via a window (really…)

In addition, we continue to pray that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will get better. Not to say the zombies, effects work and kills aren’t absolutely terrific, it’s just incredibly difficult to get through an episode IMO. Bloody’s Alexandra Scarpello even noted that she’s noticing fan backlash in forums. Anyhow, below the “Dexter” clips you’ll find a teaser for “The Walking Dead” episode 02.07 “Pretty Much Dead”. I hope they aren’t referring to the show…



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