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[Random Cool] ‘Aliens’ On Ice, Cross Sectioning the Creature!

Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite films in the existence of mankind, which is why any sort of comical related online goodie makes me instantly want to share it with you guys.

First, The Old Murder House Theater took to the Chaparral Ice November 18th and 19th in Austin Texas to perform Aliens On Ice”. Yes, you read that correctly. I hate plays, but I definitely would have made my out to see Ripley beat down some Queen ass live on ice. We posted a montage of scenes in the above video.

Also discovered online via Tumblr is Brad McGinty’s incredible homage to a crazy book called “An Anatomical Guide To Monsters”. This amazing book showed great cross-sectioned views of the anatomy of the most famous Kaiju monsters of 1967. Below you’ll see his cross-sectioned view of H.R. Giger’s alien creation! You can purchase it here.

Oh, and we also added a “trippy” look at Aliens below all of that!



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