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Gary Busey, Farting Cows and Hundreds of ‘Piranha’!

Piranha 3D

The best part about films casting a bunch of oddball ex-stars is that they’ll talk to any press about their roles without conscious. Meaning, they’ll reveal everything if you ask nicely. Such the case with Gary Busey, who stars in Dimension Films’ Piranha 3DD. Re-teaming Feast director John Gulager with writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, we were expecting awesomeness on this level:

I play a farmer,” Busey tells Empire Magazine. “A cow explodes because of its farting ability and out of it come hundreds of piranha, raining down on me. You’ll see how I treat one of them.

If that’s just a tease of how weird things get in Piranha 3DD it makes me think they took the sequel in the correct direction. Piranha 3D took itself way too serious. Point: David Hasselhoff stars in this one….



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