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A Universal Tragedy: Orlando Park Closing ‘Jaws’ Attraction

There’s nothing that stings more than having a childhood obsession destroyed at the hands of corporate greed. I’ll never, ever, ever, everrrr forgive Disney for retooling the Journey Into Imagination ride at EPCOT, and I’m still burning over the loss of Back to the Future for the lackluster Simpson’s Ride. What Universal has planned next may be even worse as they’re tampering with a historial element that defines both parks. What is Universal Studios without King Kong or Jaws’ presence?

Tampa Bay Online reports that Universal Studio’s Jaws ride, one of the Orlando theme park’s original attractions, will close January 2 to make room for a new attraction, Universal Orlando announced. Universal Orlando did not give details of what would replace Jaws, which opened in 1990 and was based on the 1975 horror film of the same name.

On the ride, guests take a leisurely boat tour off the coast of Amity that is interrupted by terrorizing 32-foot-long great white shark. The ride and surrounding Amity area will close at 9 p.m. January 2.

We know it’s hard to say goodbye, but we can’t express how excited we are about the new, innovative and amazing experience we’re going to be bringing you,” said some asshole who is probably an intern on the studio’s Facebook page. Can’t wait for them to open the Transformers ride in Florida, you know, a ride that nobody will care about come 2014.




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