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Trippy and Bizarre ‘The Oregonian’ Gets January VOD Date

Our friends at Twitch discovered that Sundance Film Festival oddity The Oregonian will be arriving on various VOD platforms January 17. An iTunes link is now live. The film is a bizarre and trippy Alice in Wonderland-esque horror film, prepare for the insane!

Leaving behind a desultory and possibly abusive existence, a beautiful farm girl, known only as The Oregonian (Lindsay Pulsipher), rushes headlong into an unknown future. Her getaway is cut short when she rams her car into an embankment. Shocked and confused, The Oregonian walks away either trying to flee the scene or looking for help. She walks toward the way she came and is turned around by a mysterious bright beacon and an ear-splittingly high-pitched beeping sound. She is then forced to confront her situation as she discovers a horrific scene back at her vehicle. Distraught, The Oregonian heads toward the direction she was going….and into a world she barely recognizes.

Director Calvin Reeder returns to Sundance in January starring in our feature film V/H/S.



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