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‘The Walking Dead’ Graphic Novel Dominating The New York Times Bestseller List!

After every episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” I repeat the following to myself: “There’s always the comic book.” While I went from the comic to the series, the show apparently has a huge impact on sales of the trade for those who have never read it. I hope they’re prepared for awesome…

According to THR, Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed zombie series “The Walking Dead” has taken over The New York Times graphic novel bestseller list. The newest edition of the newspaper’s signature sales list will find the “The Walking Dead” holding an unprecedented three of the top four paperback slots and three of the top nine hardcover spots.

On The Times’ hardcover graphic novel list The Walking Dead owns the first, eighth and ninth spots. The Walking Dead: Book 1, which collects the first twelve issues, holds the top spot followed by Book 2 at no. 8 and the newest volume, Book 7, at ninth. On the paperback list, The Walking Dead Compendium, which collects a whopping 48 issues in a volume that clocks in at 1088 pages, is no. 1; Book 1, collecting just issues #1-6 in a softcover volume, is in the second spot and Book 3 is fourth. In addition, Kirkman’s prose novel The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor, charting the back story of the series’ most famous villain, is no. 18 on The Times’ bestseller list for all books. Click the link for more.



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