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TV: Typecast Vamp Cast as Vamp in ‘True Blood’

If you’re going to add a vamp to the “True Blood” cast, why not look to the best fang-based franchise out there, Twilight? I’m obviously joking, but you still have to wonder if HBO purposely cast Twilight thesp Christopher Heyerdahl in yet another vampire role. That’s typecasting to the extreme, and frankly, a bit lazy.

Deadline reports that Heyerdahl is joining HBO’s hit vampire drama in a recurring role. He will portray Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys enhanced interrogation. That is familiar territory for Sanctuary alum Heyerdahl who played the ancient Volturi vampire Marcus in 3 of the Twilight movies: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and the upcoming Part 2. Additionally, he played a demon in an arc on the CW’s “Supernatural.”



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