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Kasdan And Coben To ‘Stay Close’

I’m reporting on this because right now it seems there’s a 50/50 chance it could come down on the horror side of the thriller fence as opposed to the drama side.

Writer/Director Lawrence Kasdan, (writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders Of The Lost Ark, director of Body Heat, The Big Chill and… um… Dreamcatcher) is teaming up with author Harlan Coben to adapt the latter’s upcoming novel Stay Close for the big screen.

Per Deadline, “Lawrence Kasdan and bestselling author Harlan Coben are teaming on a feature adaptation of Stay Close, Coben’s latest thriller novel which Dutton will publish March 20. ‘In Stay Close’, a past crime returns to devastate the lives of a photojournalist, a suburban mother with a hidden past, and a homicide detective obsessed with a series of unsolved disappearances. The Hitchcockian thriller plunges all three into a dark world of sex, secrets and shocking violence.

Interestingly enough, they’re aiming to have a draft of the screenplay done by the time the book hits shelves on March 20th.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about this in the coming days. Hopefully it plays up the darker elements of the book’s conceit.



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