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TV: Leading Man Found For David S. Goyer’s “Da Vinci’s Demons”



Tom Riley (A Few Days in September, I Want Candy and Happy Ever Afters) will play Leonardo Da Vinci in David Goyer’s upcoming series, “Da Vinci’s Demons“.

Per Variety, ““Da Vinci’s Demons,” written by David S. Goyer, is billed as “a historical fantasy,” and claims to recount the ‘untold’ story of the great renaissance genius during his turbulent youth in Florence.

Says Goyer “Given that Da Vinci was the model for the ‘Renaissance Man,’ these were incredibly large shoes to fill. Leonardo had to be smart, witty and incredibly confident — without coming across as arrogant. He also had to be tormented, because, as a true visionary and polymath, he was ostracized for his ideas as much as he was celebrated. Tom came in and was able to effortlessly combine all of those elements. As soon as he finished his audition, we knew we’d found our man.

Let’s hope this series lives up to its “Demon” promises. Could we have a new “Supernatural” on our hands? Or will this simply be a quick cash in on the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunture historical mashup craze?


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