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[EFM ’12] UK Rights Go ‘Airborne’

Chelsea Films, a division of Curzon Artificial Eye, scored UK rights to Dominic Burns’ indie thriller Airborne, which stars Star Wars” Mark Hamill, Julian Glover (Quatermass, Empire Strikes Back), Sebastian Street, Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks, 13 Hrs), and Alan Ford (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch).

Taking terror to new heights, “As a snow storm closes in, one final plane takes off. The plane reports to the ground that both pilots are dead, while the slowly dwindling number of passengers on the plane wish that they’d never left the ground.

Black and Blue Films’ Jonathan Sothcott said last year: “I was attracted by the idea of making what is basically a feature length version of the “Terror At 20,00 Feet” segment of ‘Twilight Zone The Movie.’

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