[Toy Fair '12] Ash Gets His Chainsaw In 'Evil Dead 2' Prototype - Bloody Disgusting!

[Toy Fair ’12] Ash Gets His Chainsaw In ‘Evil Dead 2’ Prototype

Evil Dead 2

While you’ve already seen Deadite Ash and Shotgun Ash from NECA’s Evil Dead 2 line about 100 times over now (it should be in stores any day now), the toy company has revealed a new look at Henrietta and a prototype of Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw Ash.

Henrietta comes with interchangeable demon head (perfect to lop off), while Chainsaw Ash comes with a laughing deer head accessory. You can read about the first two Ash figures in our previous story from December. There are so many other characters that can easily make the cut; I’d love to see Henrietta in the cellar as a box set.

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