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[EFM ’12] Fresh Still, Art For ‘Hamiltons’ Sequel, ‘The Thompsons’

We’ve landed the first real still and EFM sales art for The Thompsons, the sequel to The Hamiltons.

The Butcher Brothers return to direct the vampire tale that stars Cory Knauf, Samuel Childs, Joseph McKelheer and Mackenzie Firgens.

In the sequel, a bloodbath at a gas station in the desert puts the family on the run, eventually seeing them resurface in the U.K. under a new identity as “The Thompsons.” Desperate for protection in this unfamiliar country, the Thompsons seek out the help of a shadowy underground rumored to be sympathetic to vampires.

The first film has not aged well, and I’m incredibly skeptical as to why a sequel was ever made. Your thoughts?



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