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[Random Cool] See A TV Spot For ‘The Shining’ Made Up Of Alternate Takes!

Did you know Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich is a semi-obsessive fan of The Shining? Neither did I until I saw this picture over at AICN. That pic led me to Unkrich’s Tumblr entitled “The Overlook Hotel”.

Over there I found a really cool TV spot cut for the film. It doesn’t feature scenes you haven’t seen before, but it does feature different takes of those scenes. I could actually tell the difference since a couple of the shots are actually fairly different.

Per The Overlook Hotel, “TV spots were often edited using existing prints of alternate takes, rather than going through the time and expense of creating new prints from original or duplicate negative. The commercials were edited on film, not video, so it was just easier to use the alternate takes, which were already sitting unused in the cutting room. This certainly makes sense, and seems to have been standard practice at the time, but it still strikes me as odd that Kubrick wouldn’t insist upon using only the footage that appeared in the finished film. Regardless, the commercial remains a fascinating glimpse into an alternate version of the film that was not meant to be.

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