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Trailer For ‘The Curse Of Blanchard Hill’ Sets Indie Horror Back 30 Years…

When people say “Support Indie Horror”, I get kind of annoyed. I’d rather the catchphrase be amended to “Support Good Horror”. Just because something is indie doesn’t mean it’s good, and it’s not like every studio film is a automatically a piece of sh*t either. I’d rather encourage both production and distribution methods to just do the best they can – because both can be equally lazy.

Case in point? The Curse Of Blanchard Hill. It’s kind of insulting when filmmakers think that, just because they have a low budget, they can mug and wink their way through an abyss of horrible writing, directing and acting just because they know it’s bad. In fact, knowing it’s bad is the opposite of an excuse. It just makes you look like you’re into wasting people’s time and money.

Zach Klinefelter and Chris Hazenberg directed the film with a screenplay was by Klinefelter.

Hit the jump to check out a two minute preview of all their hard work! If you still feel like buying this for some reason, it’s available on DVD from World Wide Multi Media.



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