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‘Chronicle’ Director Battles Spidey Supervillain ‘Venom’?

Venom Spider-Man

Horror? Not horror? That’s always the question when it comes to Spider-Man’s arc nemesis Venom. While the tale of Eddie Brock – originally told through the eyes of David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane – was originally one filled with extreme violence, Marvel’s character has since had comic spin-offs, and has even befriended Peter Parker teaming with him to battle other villains. Point is, he went from awesome to super lame. Still, I relish the early years where the only way to stop Venom was to trick him into thinking Spider-Man was dead.

This leads us to the LA Time story, which reports that Sony’s Columbia Pictures is negotiating with Josh Trank, the hot director of this winter’s found-footage hit Chronicle, to take the reins of the Spidey spin-off.

While I pray to all of the Gods that I never have to mention Topher Grace’s name again in association with the character I grew up drooling over, I still wonder what a solo project directed by Trank would be? He literally took the lore of Akira, put a found footage spin on it, and then knocked it so far out of the park that I could give two shits if Warners ever gets the Manga adaptation off the round.

All parties are remaining mum on the story, but let’s just all agree on one simple fact: Venom will not work onscreen as a superhero. That’s just stupid. Venom Spider-Man



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