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Wow, ‘RoboCop’ Has A Release Date! I Guess It’s Actually Happening!


The Jose Padilha directed remake of RoboCop is fast becoming a reality! The original film about about a cop who was near death and was drafted to become a powerful cyborg cop is so iconic – and so good that part of me just didn’t process that this was happening. Part of me feels that there’s almost no way they can get this right and they should just leave Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original alone. I don’t often say that – I usually have a pretty open mind about remakes – but I’m concerned.

Stuff we already knew? Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing. Josh Zetumer wrote the script. Joel Kinnaman has been cast in the lead role originated by Peter Weller. Sony will distribute the MGM film.

The news today is that the film will be released on August 9th, 2013. That’s when we’ll have the new model of RoboCop. Feels weird, doesn’t it?



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