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Now That You’ve Seen ‘Silent House’, What Did You Think?

Silent House

Open Road’s Silent House, the remake of the Uruguayan film La Casa Muda, opened on Friday and pulled in around $7 Million at the North American Box Office.

That’s not an amazing number, but then again the production cost of the film was under $1 Million so it’s possible it will still make its money back after P&A expenses (depending on what those are). I personally thought Elizabeth Olsen gave a remarkable performance. It’s entirely up to her to carry this “real-time” supernatural thriller and she more than pulls it off with an intense, layered performance. While the film isn’t perfect, I thought it had a fair share of impressive elements and was able to pull off some nice moments of terror.

Also, Nikki Finke thinks that La Casa Muda, was actually shot in one take (“the original was an impressive one-shot movie [i.e. one continuous take])“. It wasn’t. She also believes that the reason Silent House didn’t do better was that, “their remake stitches together several sequences and is only made to look as if it’s a one-shot pic. A backlash ensued since genre movie fans take their horror seriously.

While I respect the opinion of anyone who didn’t like the film, directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau were very upfront that the film is actually comprised of 8-9 takes. No one was really hiding anything. I suspect if you didn’t go see the film it was for entirely different reasons than the ones that Finke outlined. It’s kind of strange having a non-genre fan put words into your mouth isn’t it?

What did you think of the film? Click here to write your own review. Also, if you didn’t go, let us know why in the comments.



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