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Warner Brothers May Ride To ‘The Dark Tower’ With Javier Bardem

And the The Dark Tower saga continues. Back in November Ron Howard managed our expectations a bit by saying, “These kinds of projects often take years to come together in the right ways. But I am in love with the material, and the minute it can come together in the right way, I am fully committed to it.

That may be happening. Per Deadline, “I hear that Warner Bros is now very close to a deal that will give Ron Howard the chance to direct at least the first feature, potentially with Javier Bardem starring as gunslinger Roland Deschain. And Akiva Goldsman (who wrote the script) is producing with Brian Grazer and the author. Basically they bought Goldsman’s script and are paying him to do a polish. Howard remains attached to direct, likely in first quarter 2013. Pic is a co-production between Goldsman’s Weed Road and Howard and Grazer’s Imagine. Bardem’s participation would depend upon his availability, but he was firmly attached when the project was at Universal.

In short, if you’re a fan of Roland Deschain this could be very good news.



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