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The Terrorist Fighting Vampire Of ‘Blood Shot’ Gets A Poster!

Dietrich Johnston’s Blood Shot has been a long time coming. BD first visited the set of the film back in February of 2008, but sometimes things move slower than you’d like in the indie world. But now, the film has a pretty cool poster that plays up to it’s terrorism fighting vampire promises.

Assigned by a covert government agency, a mysterious vampire and a rogue cop reluctantly join forces against a brutal maniac and his legion of killers. Christopher Lambert (‘Highlander’), Lance Henriksen (‘Aliens’, ‘The Terminator’) and Oscar nominee Brad Dourif (‘The Lord of the Rings’) star alongside Michael Bailey Smith (“The Hills Have Eyes”) and Brennan Elliott (‘The 4400’) in this killer, action-packed blend of ‘Blade’ and ‘Die Hard’!

Ever wanted to see a poster for a film in which Christopher Lambert plays the US President? Hit the jump.



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