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‘The Strangers’ Director Turns Camera On ‘Mockingbird’ Trio

Zoey Deutch

Todd Stashwick (“Justified,” “Heroes”), Audrey Marie Anderson, and Alexa Lydon (pictured) has been set to star in Mockingbird, the Blumhouse thriller being made by Universal with The Strangers director Bryan Bertino at the helm, THR reports.

The project falls under the micro-budget film label run by Jason Blum; the production banner has a first look deal with Universal. Blum is producing with Adrienne Biddle, Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and Bryan Bertino. Bertino is directing the movie, which will begin shooting April in Los Angeles.

The project, formerly known as “Red Balloons,” tells the story a couple, who are given a camera and a set of instructions. They must carry out what’s on the document or someone will die. Stashwick will play the husband, Anderson his wife. Lydon’s part is unknown.

An earlier synopsis Bloody got their hands on went like so: “Found footage thriller centering on three cameras that are given to three separate households on the same night with instructions to keep filming if they want to live, but as the night wears on, the characters are pulled into a deadly confrontation with each other at the behest of their unseen tormentor.



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