‘Terror of Dracula’ Inspired By Original Story

Based strongly on Bram Stoker’s original story comes Anthony DP Mann’s Terror of Dracula, arriving on April 3.

Terror of Dracula is a co-production with American producer/co-writer Bill Bossert, heavily based on Bram Stoker’s original classic. Co-written and directed by Anthony DP Mann who stars as Dracula along side a cast of local theatre actors, the film was shot guerilla-style on a modest five-figure budget. Yet the DYI filmmaking approach certainly didn’t deter the Mann/Bossert duo from delivering a legitimate feature film that successfully competes with big-budget Hollywood motion pictures in quality and storytelling. The film will definitely have audiences rekindle their love for the original character of Dracula, and will leave them with a feeling of nostalgia for monster movies of an era past.

While primarily filmed in Kingston’s Fort Henry, one of the oldest cities in the North-America region, the décor, quite exceptionally, seems to come right out of Transylvania subsequently adding a degree of fear and terror already provided by the directing. The horror purists will recognize the spirit exuded by the first European adaptations of the 1930s – keeping a much welcome retro feel to it.

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