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[Review] Epoch #1 – Angels vs. Demons vs. Werewolves

Nothing says demons like blue fire, and nothing says keep turning the pages of a comic book like demons covered in blue fire ripping people’s throats out – which sums up the first issue of Epoch pretty nicely. Basically if that description doesn’t do it for you, chances are this comic book won’t either. Read on for the skinny…

epochcover WRITTEN BY: Kevin McCarthy
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Paolo Pantelena and Jorge Fares

From the mind of Kevin McCarthy and Paolo Panatalena comes a world where angels, demons and apparently every other type of supernatural spawn live amongst humans undetected. This whole premise is set to change abruptly, however, after the brutal murder of Archangel Michael who heads the council of supernatural beings. The hero of this five part series, Jonah Bishop, finds out that humans aren’t alone, and that he has some pretty sweet healing abilities when he survives the demon attack that kills the totally badass Archangel. And when I say badass I mean it… The scene starts with cops’ heads getting popped off like champagne bottles and ends with, well I won’t tell you how it ends, but I will tell you it’s sweet.

Anyway, nothing crazy original happens in terms of plot in the first instalment, but McCarthy definitely sets the ground for some big stuff. I mean every single supernatural and mythic being seems to have a role in this comic, and maybe even aliens! Ok – not so sure about the aliens, but check out the first issue for yourself, look out for the dude’s exploded chest, and think about what could have made it explode… You will know what I’m talking about. Seriously. Exploded chest. Its hard to miss.

The action and the illustration in Epoch #1 are so good that I will definitely be picking up the future instalments, and I recommend you do too.

3 out of 5 skulls




‘Epoch’ #1 is available now from Image Comics (MSRP $3.99)



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