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IDW Debuts The Premiere Issue In All New ‘Ghostbusters’ Monthly!

I know that a lot of you have been very anxious to see the first issue in the latest “GHOSTBUSTERS” monthly series, and if you are any sort of diehard fan, I can’t blame you. The odds of us seeing another film in the series are akin to the Cleveland Browns ever winning a SuperBowl. I get it. So just because we love you (and would prefer it if you didn’t interrupt the new episode of “COMMUNITY” with your bridge diving public suicide wearing a StayPuft Marshmellowman costume.) we got you this 6 page preview of the first ish. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Erik Burnham
COVERS BY: Dan Schoening and Nick Runge

“Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost? If the answer is yes, call the professionals! Psychokinetic energy is on the rise again, business is booming for the boys, and Ray is troubled by what could be a prophetic dream… Is this an ill omen of an upcoming apocalypse, or just a little indigestion? These questions and more are raised in the first issue of the all-new, ongoing Ghostbusters!”

“GHOSTBUSTERS” Issue #1 Drops September 7th From IDW Publishing! (MSRP – $3.99)



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