GRAPHIC CONTENT PICK OF THE WEEK: Lonmonster – ‘Green Wake’ Vol. 1 - Bloody Disgusting
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GRAPHIC CONTENT PICK OF THE WEEK: Lonmonster – ‘Green Wake’ Vol. 1



Yes, there are some incredible new books coming out from DC this week, but ’Green Wake’ is my favorite book of the year so far. I can’t even begin to express how much I love this book, nor can I encourage you enough to read this mini-series. I warn you now that you may hate it because it can be confusing at times, but I believe having it in a single volume will reduce bewilderment. Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo have created a wonderfully dark world where ‘Twin Peaks’ meets ‘Silent Hill’. If you blew it the first time around and didn’t get the chance to read the single issues, this is your chance. ‘Green Wake’ is the fiercest horror debut of the year. Read on for the skinny…

greenwakevol1 WRITTEN BY: Kurtis J. Wiebe

“’Green Wake is the strongest debut of 2011.’ – CBR The highly acclaimed, repeat sellout series from writer KURTIS J. WIEBE and artist RILEY ROSSMO is a riveting tale of loss and horror. In the forgotten town of Green Wake, a string of grisly mutilations leads Morley Mack on the trail of a young woman named Ariel, who is the prime suspect. But when a stranger with startling connections to Ariel arrives under mysterious circumstances, Morley unravels a dark plot with a surprising link to his past. Collects GREEN WAKE #1-5”

The story is quite simple yet strange, and it’s odd to think that it’s never been done before. People somehow turn up in a town called Green Wake that is connected yet oddly disconnected from our reality. For the first time in years when a stranger enters the town, mass murder ensues. The two self-appointed detectives attempt to figure out who this violent killer is while simultaneously uncovering dark secrets about the town and their own lives.

I’ve already given this series so much attention that it’s difficult to say too much without giving away the entire story. All you need to know is that it’s strange, dark, mysterious, and will have you gawking at the beautiful artwork.

Critics condemned the series for being too confusing and for not having a clear enough ending, but every horror fan I know that’s read this has adored it. The confusion only adds to the eeriness and film-noir feel of the town and leaves so many questions unanswered that you’ll be begging for more. The concluding issue wraps the arc up nicely but leaves enough open to keep you wondering what the ongoing series will entail.

My hats go off to Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo for creating such a wonderful atmosphere. The pacing is perfect, the characters feel real, and the scares are a plenty. Frightening, intelligent, and gripping, ‘Green Wake’ is exactly what the horror world needs. This is a mini-series I’ll be reading over and over for years to come so don’t miss it!

’Green Wake’ Vol. 1 Drops This Wednesday From Image Comics! (MSRP $16.99)


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