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The Bodies Begin To Pile Up In ‘Season 9’ Of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’!

Already the most welcome return to comics we have seen all year long, Joss Whedon is proving once and for all why “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” is STILL the best damned vampire story out there with “SEASON 9 – FREEFALL”. Whedon hasn’t missed a step, and beyond the breaak you can check out a 3 page sneak peek at the second issue in the new monthly. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss
INKS BY: Dexter Vines
COLORS BY: Michelle Madsen
COVERS BY: Georges Jeanty and Steve Morris

“Buffy continues her nightly patrols while trying to cobble together a sensible life . . . Willow’s adopted a new look, while Dawn and Xander celebrate the comforts of a magicless world. The fun and games come to a halt when mysteriously marked bodies start appearing. As Buffy starts to investigate she captures the attention of San Francisco police detectives who have taken notice of the unnaturally gifted Slayer . . .”

“BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON 9 – FREEFALL” Issue #2 Drops October 12th From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP – $2.99)



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