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What A Tease: ‘Nancy’ Goes Back To ‘Hell: On Earth’!

Sometimes it is really hard to control myself here at Graphic Content, and bring you your daily horror comic news in a well put together, concise, and most importantly professional manner. Ha, you laugh, but mature journalism is HARD, especially when you have the folks over at IDW bringing you a really curvy blonde’s well drawn bum so close to your face you begin to realize you’re still a virgin living in your mother’s basement. See, professionalism. We have it. Joking aside for the remainder of this lead-in, today a HUGE teaser for the follow-up to El Torres’ recent “NANCY IN HELL” run was released, and if you scroll down you can check it out…

ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Enrique Lopez Lorenzana
COLORS BY: Fran Gamboa

“The unlikely couple of Nancy and Lucifer are back! After escaping from Hell, the chainsaw-wielding hottie finds that the Gates of Hade remained open, and all kind of demons are pouring out on Earth. Our world is the newest infernal region, and nobody will help the humans… not even the angels from Heaven!”

“NANCI IN HELL: ON EARTH” Issue #1 Drops January 25th From IDW Publishing! (MSRP – $3.99)



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