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Paige And The Ladies Of ‘Charmed’ Return This Wednesday For Issue #15!

Our excitement is palpable…and if you believe that then we would also like to talk to you about MTV Comics’ truly epic tale of growing up with an over active testosterone level called, “TEEN WOLF”. However, we do realize that you die-hard “CHARMED” fans are out there, and for that Shannon Doherty says ‘thank you’. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Paul Ruditis
COVERS BY: David Seidman

“Trouble comes knocking on Paige’s front door when a mysterious fire nearly burns down her house. The nature of the attack suggests a firestarter, but the real answer might not be that simple. Are The Charmed Ones about to face another threat from the past or is the culprit a more recent addition to their lives? A secret that Piper’s been keeping might hold the answer to more than just Paige’s question or it could lead to a whole new set of problems instead.”

“CHARMED” Issue #15 Drops October 26th From Zenescope Publishing! (MSRP – $3.50)



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