Jenkins And Chang Say Bye With Deadman - Bloody Disgusting!

Jenkins And Chang Say Bye With Deadman

Deadman is slowly making his way back in the spotlight thanks to DC Universe Presents and Justice League Dark. While we already knew that the focus on Deadman in DCUP would be short-lived, the series will now see a complete switch in the creative team, for better or for worse. Issue 5 will, sadly, be the end for Deadman, Jenkins, and Chang. Issue 6 will usher in the completely new creative team of Dan DiDio (O.M.A.C.) and Jerry Ordway. This second arc will bring Challengers of the Unknown into the new DCU. Read on for the skinny…

dcupresents It was obvious from the get go that some creative teams from the New 52 just wouldn’t make the cut: Superman, Green Arrow, and Static Shock. However, this switch is by far the most shocking. Jenkins’ new Deadman origin story brought some life back into the character who has been lost for so long, venturing forth into his mind and exploring his relationship with the mysterious deity who made him Deadman. The book was spooky where it needed to be and stayed in the supernatural realm, which has been far too vacant in recent comics.

Now for a complete change of pace, Didio will be moving from the supernatural into the realm of sci-fi with Challengers of the Unknown. Not many details have been released about the new arc, but you can check out some more info on the DC Source blog. I don’t know much, but I do know I will miss Deadman and this creative team.