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COMICS TO FEAST ON: Week Of November 23rd 2011

DC books have made up the vast majority of COMICS TO FEAST ON for the past three months, and there’s no reason for that to change yet. These aren’t just hot new books from a major publisher; many of the New 52 are redefining what an excellent comic should look like. Whether or not you hated the idea of the reboot to begin with, it is undeniable that DC has done a superb job thus far. Check out this week’s tastiest titles after the jump, including the newest issues of I, VAMPIRE, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and a brand new ALIENS graphic novella.

With the ever-increasing number of books coming out between the tie-ins, the
crossovers, and the new series, we’ve got to limit our lists for the week somehow. Rather than cramming so many previews down your throat that you barely breathe, we present you with our ten most anticipated books of the week. So feast your eyes on these! Whether you’ve been into comics since you were a young’un, or you’re new to the game, we’re here to help you decide which books to pick up. Read on for the skinny…


I, Vampire #3


WRITTEN BY: Joshua Fialkov
ILLUSTRATED BY: Andrea Sorrentino
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “Across the country, bodies litter the streets as the Queen of Blood builds her army. A weakened Andrew must seek the aid of an old ally, but the game of death has a new wild card who may help Andrew tip the balance of power – or decapitate him.”

The Feast: I,Vampire is the kind of vamp story horror fans have been waiting for. In the midst of the vampire obsession, Fialkov has come out with an entirely new take on vampires while simultaneously sticking true to their roots. This doesn’t really fit in the DCU at all so far so it will be interesting to see how they tie this one in. In truth it’s more of a Vertigo style, but we’re not complaining. If they keep up this kind of dreary and spooky storytelling, they’ll have horror fans begging for more.

Aliens Fast Track To Heaven HC


WRITTEN BY: Liam Sharp
PRICE: $10.99

The Low Down: “Beneath the ice of Jupiter’s moon, life teems in lightless oceans. But more spectacular discoveries elsewhere in the cosmos have left Europa’s research facilities underfunded and ignored, a lonely wayside with an orbital station and a decaying space elevator. When one of the elevators stops midway, the rescue team discovers a deadly cargo that threatens life on Europa and on Earth.”

The Feast: With all the buzz surrounding the newest Alien film, Prometheus, Dark Horse couldn’t have picked a better time to release this novella (well maybe along with the film, but I’m sure there will be other stories by then). With no budget holding down Liam Sharp, hopefully this Aliens story will completely blow us away and bring something new to the franchise.

Star Wars Omnibus Vol. 2: At War With The Empire


PRICE: $24.99

The Low Down: “In this volume: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are targeted for assassination by rogue Imperial officers; Princess Leia gets her first taste of war and the sacrifices the coming rebellion will require; Vader, after surviving the destruction of the Death Star, must fight to become the leader of a pack of savage beasts; and many other stories! This volume collects Star Wars: Empire #1-#6, part of #9, #10-#11, #13-#14, #19-#22, #24-#25, #31, and the complete novel-length story ‘Betrayal’!”

The Feast: If you have not yet had the chance to read any of the Star Wars comics, this is probably the best and quickest way to jump on board. The comics have a vision of their own that stylishly expands the already vast Star Wars Universe. Fans of the original trilogy will feel a certain affinity for these books, mostly because you won’t see Haden Christiansen’s stupid face popping up on any of the pages.

All Star Western #3

WRITTEN BY: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
ILLUSTRATED BY: Moritat and Jordi Bernet
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “The Gotham City Police Department teams up with the vigilante Jonah Hex to bring a serial killer to justice, setting a dangerous precedent – but even that won’t stop the Religion of Crime from staking its claim on these streets. Will Hex ever get away from this place that makes the Wild West seem tame – and can he survive Gotham City’s first drive-by shooting? Plus: Will El Diablo’s rampage against a zombie horde be halted by the bloodthirsty White Arrow?”

The Feast: Gray and Bernet have another hit Jonah Hex story on their hands. I’m not sure how many people are actually reading this series, but it will truly be a shame if this goes widely unread. Yes, it is primarily a western comic, but the creative team throws in so many elements from other genres that this should appeal to everyone. It’s a suspense, thriller, pseudo-horror story that mixes in comedy and intense action sequences. Jonah Hex is looking to take down a Jack the Ripper style killer, an entire “Religion”, oh and there are some zombies thrown in there. So hop on the horse before it rides away, cowboys!

Wolverine and The X-Men #2


WRITTEN BY: Jason Aaron
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “X-MEN REGENSIS Wolverine and his X-Men have very little chance of surviving the new Hellfire Club. And that’s without another classic villain returning!”

The Feast: I’m not sure if it’s the DC reboot but I find myself judging new series based on their appropriateness and ease of access for new readers.
The first issue of Wolverine and the X-men was a prime example of a new series that can really hit home with a new-to-comics crowd. While it does take off from the events of Schism, it also takes off in a completely new direction that allows for new readers to jump in without missing a beat. This week Aaron and Bachalo continue their newest X-story, and if you’re looking to get back into X-Men books, this is your title.

Aquaman #3


WRITTEN BY: Geoff Johns
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “The secret of the Trench revealed! Where did these cannibalistic sea creatures come from? What fuels their monstrous hunger? Why have they chosen now to invade the surface world? To unravel the mystery of the Trench, Aquaman must seek help from the last person on earth he ever wanted to see again.”

The Feast: I highly doubt anyone thought Aquaman would be one of their favorite new books when the reboot hit, but Geoff Johns has worked his magic once again to bring us an Aquaman cooler than ever before. Now two for two on this book, Reis and Johns look for the hat-trick this week as the fish-headed, cannibal sea monsters try to feast on the flesh of humans. No doubt this will be an action heavy issue showcasing the new Aquaman in all his glory.

Batman: The Black Mirror – HC


WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ILLUSTRATED BY: Jock & Francesco Francavilla
PRICE: $29.99

The Low Down: “Don’t miss this epic Batman mystery from Scott Snyder, creator of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, originally published in DETECTIVE COMICS #871-877! First, in “The Black Mirror,” a series of brutal murders pushes Batman’s detective skills to the limit and forces him to confront one of Gotham City’s oldest evils. Helpless and trapped in the deadly Mirror House, Batman must fight for his life against one of Gotham City’s oldest and most powerful evils! Then, in a second story called “Hungry City,” the corpse of a killer whale shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City’s foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face-to-face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham.”

The Feast: This is Scott Snyder at his absolute best. If you somehow missed out on this one the first time around, or if you’re a trades only kind of guy, this is not a book you can afford to skip. Seriously, the best Bat-book of the year, and one of the best Bat-stories ever.

Justice League Dark #3


WRITTEN BY: Peter Miligan
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “What is Madame Xanadu’s plan? And why is she urging Shade the Changing Man to recruit a killer? One by one, our anti-hero misfits are drawn inexplicably to each other… While John Constantine aids Zatanna in escaping a town destroyed by magic, June Moon seeks help from Deadman. But in the end, will any of it be enough to escape the dark clutches of the insane and powerful Enchantress?”

The Feast: Miligan and Janin continue their formidable run on the enigmatic JLD series this week. The first two issues planted all the seeds for a great story and gave us a taste of the individual characters. Slowly but surely the “reject” heroes will form a new team, and when that happens the action is going to drop big time. We’ve got a feeling that this issue will kick off some of that action.

Rocketeer TP Jetpack Treasury Edition


WRITTEN BY: Dave Stevens
PRICE: $9.99

The Low Down: “Remember when you were a kid and the big comics companies put out those super-cool, gigantic treasury editions? Well those days are back, and what could possibly be more fun than a huge Rocketeer treasury? Crammed from cover to cover with gorgeous Dave Stevens art! Added bonus-they’ll fit in your treasury bags! Collecting the complete first graphic novel!”

The Feast: This is an amazingly entertaining book that every comic lover needs to have in their collection. It’s a World War II era story about some normal dude who happens to have a jetpack and decides to fight off the evil Nazis. This new edition will ensure that the Rocketeer legend lives on, and hopefully the legacy will live on for generations to come.

Fantastic Four #600


WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hickman
ILLUSTRATED BY: Steve Epting, Carmine Di Giandomencio, and more
PRICE: $7.99

The Low Down: “FOREVER PART 1 The 50th anniversary issue of the Fantastic Four! Joins us for the epic celebration of Marvel’s First Family with 96 pages of all-new content!”

The Feast: The most recent issues of the Future Foundation have been jumbled and confusing, leaving much to be explained in the world of Reed Richards. We’re hoping that Hickman is going to clarify all the Black Bolt nonsense into this reemergence of the Fantastic Four to tie up some of those loose ends before New York gets hit with the next big super villain attack.

Diablo #1 (of 5)


WRITTEN BY: Aaron Williams
ILLUSTRATED BY: Joseph Lacroix
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “From the world and legends of Sanctuary, the setting for the award-winning Diablo video game, comes the tale of a hero’s birth. Jacob has fled from his homeland in the north, hunted by his kinsmen for the crime of murder. Led by the visions of an ancient prophet, pursued by his childhood friend, Jacob finds his destiny in a desert cave at the foot of a mountain carved in two by the sword of an archangel – Tyrael. But will Jacob be able to claim the sword that could save his people, if not the world, before he’s brought to “justice”?”

The Feast: Well Diablo III may not be out yet, but at least we have a mini-series to help us from losing our minds. To be honest, we’re not too sure what to expect from this book, it’s all up in the air and very few previews have been released. It’s not often DC picks up videogame adaptations, so that at least says something about this. Will it be a fun, action adventure, or another videogame adaptation flop?



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