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INTERVIEW: Madison Jones Introduces New Comic Book Company and Movie Adaptation with ‘Humpty Dumpty’

Humpty Dumpty is back, kids. But he didn’t have a great fall, and even if he did, all the King’s men would definitely not try to reassemble him. This refreshing (and horrifying) twist on a classic tale, penned by Billy Majestic, was recently published by the newborn comic book company, Revenger Comics. The front man of Revenger and Editor-in-Chief of Humpty Dumpty, Madison Jones, has truly established himself as a Jack of all trades, as his production company (de Passe Jones Entertainment) is also producing the movie adaptation of Humpty.

KtMc: “You are the head of this brand-new company, Revenger Comics. Could you tell me a little bit of background about the company, how you got started in the comic business, etc.?”

Madison Jones “Well, I started out doing all kinds of things in entertainment, but I had always wanted to have my own comic book company. I grew up loving comics, but I wasn’t really interested in being an artist or writer or anything; I just wanted to own my own company. I felt like now was the perfect time to indulge my fantasies.”

KtMc: “And you’re also a producer with Suzanne de Passe (de Passe Jones Production Company). I understand that this company has been around for a while now, and I actually grew up watching some of the shows you’ve helped to produce (Sister, Sister, Smart Guy)! How does all of this make it easier or harder working with comics?”

Madison Jones “Yes, those are definitely some of our shows! We’ve also done [Emmy-winning] Lonesome Dove, various made-for-TV movies, and The Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball. So I’m sure it surprised you when you saw Humpty Dumpty, right? [laughs] But anyway, I find that I have more fun in what I’m doing in entertainment outside of comics. All of it is genuine, it’s authentic. I got into [all of this] for the love of it, and I spend my own money and my own projects; I do these things myself. I’m not expecting some extraordinary return. But in the end, it’s a great feeling to gain recognition for the work that you do.”

KtMc: “This graphic novel is very twisted and violent, and the “humans” presented seem to be totally calloused and emotionless. Do they have any form of conscience?”

Madison Jones “I think that [Pervis and Petus] are absolutely vile characters. They live in their own world and they have no morals or values; they do exactly what they want, and there’s no redeeming quality to either of them, and therein lies the story. They don’t live in a city or community. They kill their own mother, so there’s obviously no one there to tell them what’s right and wrong. Now, you can only imagine this alien beauty and her landing party coming into a scene like that.”

KtMc: “Now, we haven’t actually seen much of Humpty Dumpty himself yet. What’s he like? Is he born “hell-bent” on revenge, or do we get to see him grow and mature? Are these covered in the book?”

Madison Jones “[Humpty] is half alien, half human, so there are elements such as transferred memory involved. We weren’t able to show this as much in the graphic novel, but in the movie script, his mother transfers her memories to him. We debated keeping it in the novel… it was hard keeping all the pages in, but that’s how he knows what happened.”

KtMc: “What was it like working with Billy Majestic? How did you meet him?”

Madison Jones “It was so interesting! Billy was basically discovered by the executive producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mark Ordesky. It was a situation where I was working on various movie and TV [projects], and he told me that Billy was ‘writing some really cool stuff.’ He writes the scripts so that he can ‘watch’ the movie in his head… he wrote the movie script to watch the movie. He inspired me to go ahead and start Revenger comics, to be honest with you. I’ve read, like, six or seven of his scripts, and they’re absolutely out of this world. And [it’s really cool], because Revenger is all the same universe… very similar to what Marvel and DC do. The time is linear – real time. So there’s going to be a crossover involving Humpty and The Majestic Force.”

KtMc: “What’s been the biggest surprise working on Humpty Dumpty?”

Madison Jones “How many fangirls have attached themselves to this story! You have no idea! Almost 60% of the mail we get is from women. We were like, “What?!” I can honestly say this was the biggest surprise.”

KtMc: “In the press release for the film, it said that for the film, you’re working on a (quote) “unique technical process to bring Humpty to life with minimum use of digital creature effects.” Could you explain some of the process?”

Madison Jones “For the past year, we’ve been working with an Oscar-winning effects guy, and one thing that we all agreed on is that we hate digital monsters. We literally want to walk out of the theatre [when we see them]. Our favorite practical effects film is [John Carpenter’s] The Thing. They didn’t hardly have a budget at all, and they’re still some of the best practical effects ever made. I mean, come on, why can’t they do stuff like that anymore? We don’t even want to make this if it’s not groundbreaking. We want to create a character that you can see; it’s about creating a character that you believe.”

KtMc: “Overall, what are your thoughts on this project?”

Madison Jones “Humpty is a freaky movie; a wild story that you wouldn’t expect a studio to want to do. I believe it’s best of class. Billy tried to create something you believe in, and the essence is a story you rarely see. It’s a weird piece, but it’s really good and really entertaining.”

A special appreciation goes out to Madison Jones for taking the time to sit down with us. For more information about “Humpty Dumpty”, feel free to visit the official website: Official Website.
“. For more about Revenger Comics, visit Official Website. Be sure to look out for the next two titles in the series, Escape from Level 27, and Humpty OBX, dropping soon! Watch out for more from this dynamic team; they’re definitely here to stay.



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