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Preview: Frankenstein Battles Some Sea Monsters In Issue #4

Lemire is becoming somewhat of a household name amongst comic fans, and though most of the praise is being showered upon his insanely good Animal Man series, his work on Frankenstein ain’t half bad either. In fact, it’s one of the most adventure-filled books of the New 52, and it reeks of Morrison’s early work. Peep the 4-page preview right here! Read on for the skinny…

frank4_cover WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lemire
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Alberto Ponticelli
COVER BY: J.G. Jones
RELEASE: Dec. 14

“”Monster Planet” comes to its world-shattering conclusion as Frankenstein and Nina take on the massive Sea Monster, while Lady Frankenstein and the rest of the Creature Commandos go head to head with the colossal Ogre Titan. Plus: Don’t miss the debut of the G.I. Robot Squadron and the new War Wheel!”

frank4_1 frank4_2

frank4_3 frank4_4



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