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Bob Powell’s Terror Lands A Spot At #4 On USA Today’s Best Graphic Novels Of 2011



Well, this is big news for horror fans everywhere. IDW has just announced that Bob Powell’s Terror, printed under their Yoe! Books imprint has been named as the number four graphic novel of the year by USA Today. Those well versed in classic horror comics know that Powell’s influence on the genre is monumental, offering some of the most terrifying illustrations in the genre. Bob Powell’s Terror collects the very best of his works in a single volume. You can check out more from IDW down below. Read on for the skinny…

Bobpowell Congrats to the folks at IDW and Yoe! Books. IDW Released the following with the big news:

“This week already looked to be a big one for IDW Publishing and its imprint, Yoe! Books with the launch of a newly revamped website (, but that turned out to be only the beginning.

First, Mark Hamill tweeted about his love for the imprint, saying “I keep buying books from as gifts, then keeping them for myself! Amazing 3D, Popeye, Jetta, Carl Barks, Madhouse – check it out!”

Finally, USA Today chose BOB POWELL’S TERROR, as its number four graphic novel of the year, referring to Eisner winner Craig Yoe as “the comic-book genre’s master archaeologist.”

Bob Powell was a master 1950s horror cartoonist delineating some of the most imaginative and incredibly drawn comics in the horror comic book genre. From terrifying ghouls to tantalizing girls, BOB POWELL’S TERROR collects the best of Powell’s creations.

This beautifully designed, 148-page, library-quality, full-color hardback book is Volume 2 in The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics series. The first volume, still available, is DICK BRIEFER’S FRANKENSTEIN, released last Halloween to great acclaim.

BOB POWELL’S TERROR ($24.99, 148 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code AUG110387; ISBN 978-1-61377-067-3.”


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