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The Punisher Heads Down To Miami For The Seventh Season Of “Dexter”

The Seventh Season of “Dexter” starts airing on September 30th at 9pm ET/PT, and we’re starting to get a glimpse of the shape it might take. Now that his sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), knows he’s a killer – and is in love with him – Season Seven was already promising to deviate from the formula a bit.

Now we’re getting an idea of a potential heavy hitter in the upcoming year. THR is reporting that Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone, “Rome”) “has booked a multiepisode arc on the seventh season of the Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter fronted serial killer drama.” He’ll be playing Isaac, the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate who comes to Miami to determine who killed one of his associates.

What do you want from this next season of “Dexter”? There’s only two more years left in the show, how would you like to see them play out?



  • Nothing333

    I want a pot that isn’t totally predictible, for the show to actually have an internal sense of logic , and the end of the debcest storyline that is totally throw up in my own mouth awful.

  • Nothing333


  • Joe-Banger

    I thought Dexter was adopted. I left off on season 3 so Im behind on this show and it looks like Im not missing anything.

  • jaredp

    hopefully the show will find its groove again. the show seems to have lost it since the awesome season 4

  • djblack1313

    i love seasons 1-5 (yes, i love Julia Stiles and thought ssn 5 was pretty damn good! lol) but ssn 6 was easily the worst season thus far and is (as far as a show’s quality in writing goes) one of the worst drops in quality writing that i’ve seen in a decade. DEXTER was IMO an immensely quality show (in everything from writing, to acting, to directing, etc) but last ssn with everything from Deb’s “love” for Dex (YUCK!) to extremely piss poor writing (in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM would Dex be stupid enough to use (SPOILERS) the church as a kill room that was still pretty active. another example is since when have the detectives/team waited outside (not one member of the detectives went inside the “Dex mural” crime scene!!! LOL) specifically waiting ONLY until Dexter is allowed to go into said crime scene ALONE(!!) to destroy evidence!! lol. ssn 6 is an embarrassment on an otherwise great show.

    • EvanDickson

      You’ve been getting passionate lately!

  • djblack1313

    Evan, lol. right?! i used to love this show and ssn 6 was such a slap in the face! LOL

  • Blakkake

    I love Ray Stevenson and would love to see him go head to head with Michael C Hall, but I haven’t given a shit about Dexter since the end of season 4. As far as I’m concerned that was the most brilliant end for the series.

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