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Vampire Lore Forces Tough Decision In ‘Blood Of Eden’

Palomar Pictures has acquired screen rights to Blood Of Eden, a book series by young adult author Julie Kagawa. The series begins with “The Immortal Rules,” which Harlequin Teen published this week, says Deadline.

‘The Immortal Rules’ is set in the future world where humanity has been decimated by a deadly virus and exists primarily as a food source and slave class to vampires that run things. The first book revolves around a young girl who is turned into a vampire and has to choose between her dreams of overrunning the vampire overlords, or embracing the idea that she is now one of them.

Palomar principal Joni Sighvatsson said: “It’s simply a great story with an electrifying heroine. It makes the series an ideal subject for a film adaptation. Julie’s ability to familiarize the reader with this complex world in a few pages demonstrates the cinematic qualities of her imagination and complements my own sensibilities as a film producer.



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