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The Walking Dead Episode 1 Is Available Now, Here’s A Launch Trailer!

The Walking Dead Episode 1 kind of snuck up on me, but immediately upon learning it was out last night I decided to do something I haven’t done in years. That’s right, I actually bought something from PSN. The game’s currently only available on the PS3, PC and Mac, with the Xbox 360 version set to release sometime in the (hopefully) near future. This is the first of five episodes Telltale Games has planned to come out over the coming weeks and because it’s fairly short — it’ll take you around 2 hours — it only costs a paltry $5. I spent about an hour with it last night and while I won’t give it all away here so you actually have a reason to check out my upcoming review of the episode, it’s pretty fucking awesome. Feel free to feast your eyes on the launch trailer after the break.

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