Sin City Gets Devilish With 'Eli Roth's Goretorium' Haunted House!! - Bloody Disgusting
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Sin City Gets Devilish With ‘Eli Roth’s Goretorium’ Haunted House!!



While first discovered by Vegas Chatter, we’ve now uncovered the top secret Eli Roth project set to unveil in Sin City September 27.

Eli Roth and Robert Frey will open “Eli Roth’s Goretorium” this September in Las Vegas, a high tech year round haunted house that Roth intends to be the “world mecca for horror fans.”

My favorite time of the year is Halloween, and my favorite halloween event is the haunted mazes,” said Roth. “There’s just nothing you can compare them to, it’s an all encompassing live scare. I want Halloween to be every night of the year. Horror is a year round global experience. It’s not just in October anymore. We are building the world mecca for horror fans, incorporating the latest technology with old fashioned scares.

The Goretorium will be located right downtown on the corner of Strip and Harmon, across from the Mandarin hotel, where 50,000 tourists pass daily. Downstairs will have a bar and movie prop and costume museum, with a horror themed bar upstairs complete with caged zombie dancers and a venue for concerts and premiere events.

Adds Roth, “There has never been a horror experience like this. We’re building an entire interactive community for everyone who goes through, so horror fans globally will be able to connect to anyone who has gone through the haunt. We’ll also keep updating the venue seasonally for specific horror movie releases that we partner with the studios. It’s going to be the ultimate horror geek spot, for me it will be the most fun place on earth.

Roth and Frey are already in talks to open similar venues in other parts around the country, as well as haunts in New York City, London and Tokyo, with different themed haunted houses in each city.

Roth’s Hostel maze at Universal Horror Nights was the most attended haunted attraction of 2011, averaging between 2,000 – 2,100 people per hour. Roth was intricately involved in the design of the maze, and on Halloween night worked as a scare performer.