Project Zero 2/Fatal Frame 2's Wii Release Date Is Closer Than You Thought - Bloody Disgusting!

Project Zero 2/Fatal Frame 2’s Wii Release Date Is Closer Than You Thought

project zero 2

Two years ago it was announced that Fatal Frame 2, also known as Project Zero 2 would be coming to the Nintendo Wii. Well, the classic horror game is coming, only not to America. Many of you are usually a little upset when we announce a contest and it’s US only. Well, it’s payback time for you. On June 28th the game hits Japan and on June 29th it hits Europe. So America gets bitch slapped with no FF2! You win some you lose some I guess. That wont stop me from spreading the word to you lucky readers who get to play the Wii version. Head past the break for the trailer, and more info about the switch over to the Wii.

Project Zero 2 will be fully Wii compatible, use your Wiimote as your flashlight as you explore and shit your pants. Also if you get too scared when reaching out to open a door you can release your grip and let off the A button to back off, and proceed to pee yourself. Also exclusive to the Wii version is the Haunted House Mode. The Haunted House mode is almost exactly the same as the failed experiment that was the Ju-On game. So don’t expect it to be great, focus on the main game.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Failed experiment lol. It did what it set out to do. It was a haunted house simulator and it said that on the box. Expecting anything more than that is automatically setting yourself up to hate it.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      It’s true, and I hated the hell out of it. I can’t believe they got away with selling it for 40 dollars.

      • ThunderDragoon

        Well, there are plenty of crappy video games that sell for $60 so $20 off of that doesn’t seem that bad lol.