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The Walking Dead Season Pass Giveaway! [NOW OVER!]

Update: This contest is now over, thanks for all the incredible comments! Congrats to the winners who are almost definitely beating zombie ass right now. If you lost, well, better luck next time.

In case you hadn’t noticed already, The Walking Dead Episode 1 is available now and it’s pretty damn great. In case you haven’t already claimed your copy of the game, here’s your chance to get it it all for free. I don’t know about you, but I love free stuff. Like, if I saw free stuff standing on a street corner with its leg out all sexy-like, I’d take it out for a fancy dinner then back to my place for Scrabble. Now about this giveaway; I’m giving out a season pass (read: all five episodes of The Walking Dead) for Steam and another code that’s good for getting the first episode on XBLA. Head past the break to learn how you can get in on this.

To have a chance of winning this brain-munchingly delicious prize all you need to do is comment. However, uncle Adam isn’t accepting any and all comments, oh no sir. You’re going to need to do a little work for me first. Here are the rules:

In your comment you’ll need to include two things: the first is your ideal weapon for surviving in a zombie apocalypse, whether that’s a shotgun, a Crovel, or your two bare fists Chuck Norris style, and the second is which code you prefer (Episode 1 for XBLA or the season pass for Steam).

If you find yourself needing another dose of Adam, feel free to follow his ramblings on Twitter!



  • iamlegend1990

    crowbar and xbla

    • HiredMerc

      Attached chainsaw to my arm, just like Evil Dead. XBLA

      • HiredMerc

        Woops, pressed wrong button-.-


    Lawn mower strapped to chest Dead Alive style. XBLA

  • zel316

    Sword and XBLA

  • boxcarriebe

    baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. XBLA

  • hardcorehavok

    Phaser set to vaperize. XBLA

  • KnightOfTears

    Machete, Season Pass for Steam

  • killrobot

    laser cats (unlimited ammo), steam


    Nuclear Bomb!, Steam season pass!

  • HMH

    katana, Steam πŸ™‚

  • BurnTheBlueSky

    Dodd arm holding a Dodd Arm. Give me the XBLA OR I’LL BEAT YOU WITH YOUR OWN ARM HOLDING YOUR OTHER ARM

    • Adam Dodd

      Best. Comment. Ever. Game over, you’re getting both codes.

  • BornVillian

    Hershel’s infinite ammo shotgun, season pass for Steam.


    WAH-54 Apache Longbow attack helicopter; Steam

  • Krea

    Vinyl Records Shaun of the Dead style, and XBLA episode 1 would be awesome if possible.

  • Ghostface92

    My BOOM Stick!!!! (A la “Army of Darkness”)
    Steam Codes

  • superchopper

    Edward Scissorhands cosplay outfit. XBLA. (If possible, include vintage undead Wynonna Ryder and Vincent Price.)

  • ronniedobbs

    Captive Bolt Pistol (“No Country for Old Men”)… Steam Season Pass

  • Joey_Redballs

    a SPOON! Ginosaji! XBLA Episode 1

  • inkya

    My brain, and steam

  • Grismore429

    A steel pipe and a bottle of Crown!! XBLA

  • Ginobili

    Black ops crossbow with the explosive tips. Xbox.

  • m8-t

    Heheh…lightsaber, red. XBLA please.

  • doctorbiffgood

    a spork, can utilise the power of a spoon and a fork together. XBLA code.

  • Tanner Martin

    Heroin and LSD. XBLA

  • Fishface45

    Katana, Steam season pass please.

  • pocketlint26

    Large hedge clippers….xbla

  • bdogzzz13

    nail clippers…steam

  • forensicbrush

    Brush axe aka Kaiser Blade… Steam.

  • chris

    Reinforced hockey stick with two very sharp blades at both ends:XBLA

  • zombie81

    .50 CAL -XBLA

  • Laugh Riot

    Blunderbuss cram it full of nearly anything and blow them away. XBLA

  • Daniel Benito

    An axe: Easy to wield, reliable and efficient.

    Steam pass would be awesome.

  • Zombie_Dime

    A COG Lancer -XBL

  • Minaz Pacino

    A chainsaw, Evil Dead style! Season Pass for Steam

  • Amy Madden

    Battle axes – XBLA!!!!

  • Born_

    Nickleback CD’s….can blast songs to make zombies stay away from me


  • Tclark90

    My weapon of choice would be a Shotgun it allows you to be far enough away that that virus infested blood wont splatter on your face like a chainsaw or axe would! XBLA

  • Mark

    Dolls, covered in blood and meat. It will distract the zombies while i lock myself up in the house. I would have an unlimited amount of dolls stored in my house, same goes for the meat and blood. I would place new dolls outside the house to keep the zombies distracted from noticing me inside the house, playing video games.

    Also a code for Xbox would be great.

  • FatalDamage

    Wolverine Adamantium Claws – XBLA

  • juggalochef2399

    I really enjoyed the electrified Wakizashi sword (shorter Japanese blade than the Katana)from Dead Island! Chop off heads and fry their bodies at the same time, and if you’re fighting the undead hordes off at night, you’ll be able to see! Makes me think of the electrified zombies in Return of the Living Dead Part 2.

    Xbox Live code please and thanks, really want to play this new series from Telltale!

  • KalEl.Last.son.of.Krypton

    The Shotgun I would have pried from Shane’s Cold Dead fingers, and my Survival skills and XBLA.

    This isn’t a Democracy anymore, this is a RICKTATORSHIP!

  • Rodolfo Ramirez

    I’d use a pick axe. Steam season pass please

  • Matt Razincka

    Aluminum baseball bat. Light and easy to swing. Steam, please!

  • SkyGreen

    I would like a flail made of electrified nokia phones please? and the season pass for steam please, I appreciate it very much, and thank you πŸ˜€

  • Milo

    Thor’s Hammer, Steam season pass

  • ThunderDragoon

    The Blades of Chaos. Steam season pass.

  • eyes_only510

    kukri – steam

  • Randyflagg

    Sharpened copies of Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead. I’ll be flingin’ them at zombies Shaun of the Dead-style!

    Xbox Live!

  • markmywords85

    Flying Guillotine and XBLA

  • Undead-Bettie

    A large, sharp Machete….. because guns run out of ammo or jam.

  • Acronin689

    Easy. The Gunblade. Versatile and effective. Steam pass.

  • Nicholas Roth

    a Katana, XBLA

  • scottbeloved

    Gene Simmon’s Axe Bass…XBLA

  • kyle colins

    Weapon: My Cat…..Yes My Cat Xbox live

  • Sandy

    A katana. Unless I can have a Hulk, then I choose him. Steam please.

  • I would definitely use a SHOVEL..nice and sharp edges to slice off their heads and also be able to use it to bury my loved ones should they perish….XBLA

  • canneryrowdoc

    Xbox Live
    Ideal Weapon: That Axe that Abe Lincoln has in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter! Sure axes don’t need reloading but you know what? They’d be a whole lot cooler if they did.

    • PatrickxJonathan

      You better hope your axe is made of one piece and not a wooden handle with a separate head. Otherwise, you’ll get a few solid kills and then be left weaponless unless you can use both ends of the axe separately.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    I would use a blunt weapon that wouldn’t become subject to dulling as a blade would. A titanium lightweight crowbar would get the job done. A retractable baton (without spring assist) would make for an excellent back up. I would also enjoy The Walking Dead for XBLA.

  • spydr36

    Get myself a pickaxe, go mining for some brains. XBLA version please

  • Arthrom

    Plasma Cutter from dead space!

    Season Pass from steam

  • Jason Burks

    A double-edged sword to take ’em out medieval style. XBLA

  • bourne2083

    lightsaber and twin GOLD plated desert eagles


  • turtlenipple

    Hattori Hanzō steel; blades don’t need reloading. XBLA.

  • Russ

    I’m defanitly going with Chuck Norris, he is the deadliest weapon in any arsenal. And steam season pass.

  • 2nahelper

    An Adz & XBLA.

  • Paul-Kuhr

    Gears of War Lancer & XBLA

  • Johnny Christ

    freddys claws and XBLA

  • twistedethics18

    All of these answers are pretty darn good. I like most of them. I would go a different route. For one, most projectile weapons eventually run out of ammo, and most people don’t realize how much blood spray is produced from most melee weapons. So I would have to go with a virus strong enough to take out zombies. Lindsey Lohan’s vagina on a stick. XBLA

  • Randall89

    Gremlin and a filled super soaker. Season Pass for Steam.

  • Slampig

    All I would need to make through the zombie apocalypse are a group of friends, namely all my Facebook pals. Herd of zombies heading my way? Toss a few of those chumps in between me and the hordes and I am as good as gone. Season pass, please.

  • CrazedJoker

    M1918 Trench Knife, 3 weapons in one. XBLA.

  • SuperRadMike

    TJ’s erect penis at the end of a katana, you know ’cause it’s harper. XBLA

  • Eville

    Hmmmm. I’m gona have to go with a necrophilic on this one. And season pass on steam!

  • brittay

    Shotgun and XBLA Please

  • GrandSasha

    Machete and Steam

  • erik.winkelman1

    Barry Manilow records. XBLA please!

  • rhi gorehound

    Id use hulk fists because there would be nothing better than to smash a zombie in the face while hearing “hulk smash” XBLA PLEASE <3

  • AudioSurfer

    My ideal weapon is a bunch of pipe-bombs from L4D2 πŸ˜› and I would like the Steam code!

  • nosmoke

    I’ll go with a crossbow (and an extra machete for close encounters).
    And I’m interested in the steam code – thanks. πŸ™‚

  • CurlyBurl

    A 12″ adult toy…you know the kind. With nine inch nails put through the middle, to create some kind of horrifying, erotic flail. Steam is my platform of choice!

  • Rob McLellan

    My weapon would be a tank for I can then crush my zombie friends while I’m safe inside or I can blast them from far distances and laugh! XBLA

  • philorees

    sawn off shotgun. XBLA please.

  • Lifted

    a sledge hammer would be fun ,and id love a code for xbox!

  • ScaredGuy

    Realistically: baseball bat or a shovel. Unrealistically: adamantium claws! XBLA please! πŸ™‚

  • movielover555

    Ninja Forearm Machete.XBLA if I win.

  • Invict

    black ops thunder gun! and xbla would be preffered thank you!

  • Raze55

    Hmmm Either Jason Voorhees or the B.F.G. from Doom. XBLA

  • J-SiN

    I’d use meth so their teeth would rot out. Steam

  • xxxwolf666

    Telekinesis (think Scanners) to just make their heads explode and be done with it. XBLA.

  • JonOfTheShred

    I would use my guitar. A mini-amplifier strapped to my belt would catch the zombies attention. My guitar would have a bayonet attached to it to chop off all the zombies heads, as well as pyrotechnics when certain frequencies were reached to set some fuckin’ fires.

    Steam key, yo

  • davidbleezy

    Hand crafted and bone rubbed Marucci AP5 Baseball bat and I want Episode one for XBLA

  • JonOfTheShred

    (Such is the plot of my zombie rock opera /\ Don’t steal it!)

  • MGun

    Vlad the impalers sword on deadliest warrior would definately be my first choice! also, i would really appreciate the XBLA one.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    My mother in law. she would bitch at them till their heads exploded because they could not take it anymore. Xbox please and thank you

  • SkeletalRemainsofFallenHeroes


  • SkeletalRemainsofFallenHeroes

    I would say the Death Coaster, like in Army of Darkness.
    Episode 1 for Xbox Arcade..? πŸ˜€

  • MaxTorque

    Stanley FuBar. It’s a hammer, a claw, a prybar, and a nail puller. In one tool, you got a skull-splitter, a way to escape, and a way to build a shelter. No, I don’t work for Stanley.


  • Roma-Revera

    Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (the movie) wielding one of the potentially deadly phalluses from the Icelandic Phallological Museum. IF…I do not receive the code, I will have Pyramid Head personally rip your hide off with one, swift jerk and toss your putrid shell to the zombie horde he’s ravaging. This will all take place in current day Detroit. Imagine that zombie horde…XBox Code, por favor.

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