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How Does A $99 Xbox 360 With A Two-Year Contract Sound?

According to The Verge, Microsoft could be launching a $99 Xbox 360 bundle that will require a two-year $15 monthly subscription. The bundle includes a 4GB console, a Kinect sensor, an Xbox Live Gold plan, and it could become available at official Microsoft stores (no word on its availability at other retailers yet) as early as next week. According to the report, Microsoft is using this as a competitor to similar services like the Apple TV and Roku. This doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you’re looking for a cheaper way to play games or watch movies and TV shows online. The only downside is should you cancel your plan there will be a termination fee that those who purchase the console and subscription separately don’t have to worry about. So how does this sound to you? Do you like the idea of paying less up front with a required monthly fee, or would you rather purchase it all separately and have the option to cancel your plan without any repercussions?

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