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Preview: Blood And Guts In ‘Lord of the Jungle’ #4

Dynamite is bringing Tarzan back in a big way with their new series, Lord of the Jungle. This Tarzan doesn’t look like Brendan Fraser, and he’s not surfing on vines with his primate friends all day. He’s a brutal jungle dweller, and he’s not afraid to bash some skulls to protect his territory. While the current pop culture image of Tarzan may not be all that cool, Arvid Nelson and Roberto Castro are overhauling the classic tale to take the name back. Check out the 5-page preview below.

WRITTEN BY: Arvid Nelson
ART BY: Roberto Castro
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
PRICE: $3.99

Jane Porter is safe with Tarzan, where the two are drawing closer and closer together. If only her suitor, Cecil Clayton, knew! He and Jane’s father set off into the deepest jungle for a rescue mission, but soon the two men might need saving themselves. Fortunately, a French warship discovers the castaways’ camp – but will they be in time to save the two men?



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