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’30 Days Of Night’ Director Gets Down With ‘Villain’

It appears as though David Slade (pictured above; 30 Days Of Night, Hard Candy, Eclipse) is the latest director to tackle Josh Zetumer’s Villain. Zetumer, if you’ll recall, also wrote the upcoming Robocop remake and is scripting The Infiltrator for as a Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle for Warner Brothers.

Per Variety, “Wayfare Entertainment has tapped David Slade to direct the psychological thriller ‘Villain,’ written by Josh Zetumer. Production is scheduled to take place in Alaska, and the filmmakers are currently casting the two lead roles.” In the film, “ a forest-fire spotter with a secret is visited by his crazy brother in the remote, frozen wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

I remember reading a draft of this script back in 2006 or 2007, I’m pretty sure it was Zetumer’s spec/calling card at the time. People were flipping out about it and I was wondering if they knew something I didn’t. Maybe I should dust it off again and see if I can dig it as much as everyone else apparently does. It certainly takes place in the snow, which Slade knows well.



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