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Of Course! Fox Buys ‘Dear Satan’ For The Farrelly Brothers!

The Farrelly Brothers aren’t exactly on a roll recently, do you think Dear Satan could be the project that turns it all around for them? We’ll see! Because it might be their next project. I know for a fact that no one has ever thought of this kind of switch-up before! Not you when you were 13! Not anyone!

Per Variety, “Fox is looking to Satan for the holidays, acquiring Dan Ewen’s spec script ‘Dear Satan’ for the Farrelly Brothers and Conundrum Entertainment.

The film, “follows a 7-year-old girl who accidentally misspells ‘Santa’ and instead invites Satan to bring her a toy for Christmas. The inspiration for the script came from the writer’s babysitting experience when a child in his care switched a couple of letters in Santa’s name on his yearly note to the North Pole.

This is how fortunes are made, I guess. I’m actually surprised there have been less Santa/Satan switch-up movies. More power to them.




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