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So… I’m Just Gonna Call It The ‘Untitled Danny DeVito Apocalyptic Thriller’



Yep! This is probably good news! Untitled Danny DeVito Apocalyptic Thriller is something that exists. He’s even finished shooting it and is prepping to sell it at Cannes. Even though we know the title will eventually change, let’s just enjoy this brief moment of bliss where that is the title. William Fichtner (Drive Angry), Lance Reddick (“The Wire”) and Constance Zimmer (“Entourage”) star.

The film “revolves around a wounded cop, a wounded murderer, and a sultry nurse. The three are thrust together as war rages outside the only possible safe house, an abandoned City Hospital. With no doctors and only a few poor decrepit souls as witnesses, it becomes a rats’ maze as the antagonistic trio get separated and we find out the real reason they are there.

Confirming the announcement, DeVito commented: “I was truly excited about getting behind the camera on this one. It is my first foray into the thriller genre, and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making an 89-minute edge-of-your-seater…

Locomotive’s Colleen Seldin will commence sales of the Jersey Films and Shangri-La Entertainment-produced project at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.


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