Full Cannes Trailer For Lovecraftian Horror ‘Dead Shadows’

  • peepjerky

    I don’t care if the CG looks like CG, that looks awesome.

    • carndoggie

      I totally agree. The CG looks terrible, but I’m really excited for this nonetheless.

  • turtlenipple

    Looks so fun

    • gordongirl_18

      I agree and your name cracked me up!

  • letoatreides3508

    I haven’t been all that impressed by many of the Lovecraft adaptations I’ve seen so far.. But this one looks like it has some potential.


    • crow454

      Its not a Lovecraft adaptation. This site just loves to use the word Lovecraftian if they see a tentacle. Apparently National Geographic is Lovecraftian too.

  • evenscarier

    ooooohhhh! I’ve been following this one!

  • Evil_Flip

    you know, i can live with shitty visual effects, but the sound effects (during the fights) are really bad. This could still be ok, but from what I’ve seen it looks a lot like a sifi channel movie.

  • BabyJaneHudson

    This is a much stronger trailer than the teaser’s I’ve seen so far. I’m interested.

    • crow454

      Yeah, this does look better than the initial trailer they put out. I’d rent it.


    Ok so it’s officially December now. Is this moving going to be a Christmas movie or something? They said 2012. I’ve kept my eye on this movie all year long. They sure could have saved me all this nail biting and just said December. Have they canceled this movie? What gives! Ahhhhrgh!