Scott Weiland Rejoins Velvet Revolver - Bloody Disgusting
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Scott Weiland Rejoins Velvet Revolver



After a nasty breakup in 2008, Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) and the rest of the Velvet Revolver crew have announced their reconciliation along with plans to later this year record a third studio album and embark on a tour. Weiland has stated that he will still front STP and Slash will still embark on a tour promoting his solo album.

I’m sorry, but after all the singer tryouts and rumors on who would be the next frontman (hell, it could’ve even been frontwoman for all I care), I find that I’m actually kinda irritated that things fell so “simply” back into place. To be honest, I feel almost cheated. I would’ve loved to have seen VR explode back onto the scene with a fresh face as singer. Instead, this is what we get…the same thing that we had before. Well, consider me UNenthusiastic about this announcement.

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